Our Story

ZUUTII was founded in Atlantic Canada in 2019 under Utillife company. Different from the UTILLIFE brand, ZUUTII is focusing on houseware and kitchenware products.

Our products use designer creative sensitivity to match our customers needs. ZUUTII is inspired by the everyday necessities we find in our daily lives. We've begun to explore new product ideas by capturing the philosophy of everyday life from work to exercise and the enjoyment of our past -times. We hope that our customers discover the hidden value and creative solutions delivered by Utillife & ZUUTII for your daily enjoyment.

Our global team strives to broaden your senses with artistic product designs. The diversity of our designers enable us to create unique and one of a kind products that are designed to maximize your experience of beauty and provide essential solutions to your every need.

We strive to create a new and inspiring experience for our customers and guarantee a useful product for your everyday lives.